Adnan Khan

Designing a Slack App


The Litmus Slack App was a part of the business’s first few initiatives on their “work where you work” mantra. With the ever growing and complex nature of workflows for deploying emails, the goal behind this mantra was to allow Litmus to integrate within current workflows of its users, including users of Slack. Other executions on this mantra included the Litmus Extension.

This was an opportunity for Litmus to position itself as a collaborative platform where teams worked together to achieve goals instead of just a specialized tool for email developers. The Slack App would provide timely notifications of Litmus activity to teams using Slack, including weekly reports, incident alerts and comments.


Proof Notifications

Proof is Litmus’s collaboration tool for email developers, once an email is ready for review developers may move it into Proof to get inline and concise feedback from stakeholders. Each time an email is ready for review or a comment has been made, stakeholders are notified within Slack.

Analytics Notifications

A monthly or weekly recurring report for your email campaigns sent automatically to a Slack channel of choice. A quick and easy way to deliver value to the leadership team without having them combing through pages and pages in Litmus.

Spam Notifications

Deliver up-to-date spam testing notifications to an individual or Slack channel of choice so an email never misses getting into the Inbox.

Threaded Responses

Taking advantage of Slack Threads to design ways of collaborating with users within the Litmus app without having to leave a context. Users may quickly respond within Slack and have their responses fed back into Litmus. This helps reviewers context switch less, and allows email developers to receive feedback much faster.


The MVP release of the application only included Proof notifications, Litmus’s collaboration tool for iterating on email copy and design with other stakeholders. This was an enterprise offering, and had no offering for lower tier plans.