Adnan Khan

A scalable design system in Sketch


Litmus took on an investment of $49m in 2015, at the time it needed to rapidly grow its design team from 2 designers to 12. This meant there was a need to scale up design operations. I stepped up to help migrate design assets of Litmus from Photoshop to Sketch. This meant having to recreate all assets from scratch in a different design tool and building them in a way that they could be highly adaptable to different needs of the business.

Furthermore, as we brought in additional design talent I helped mentor and drive adoption of the system that ensured the company could maintain velocity as it continued to expand.

I also worked closely with engineering to ensure we’re able to map components 1:1 with what we have in the design system; this would ensure superior product quality down the line.

The entire process took 3 months to design and another 3 months to componentize in code, later down the line each individual designer was tasked with contributing to the system to expand and support more and more use cases.